Cosmo Vox Box!

So I received the Cosmo Vox Box complementary from @influenster! In it was:

A gillette Razor handle with a blade refill with Olay

Ghirardhelli Sea Escapes Milk Chocolate
Forever Red fragrance from Bath and Body works
And a black and purple FriXion pen from Pilot!

So lets start with my favorite item:
The Chocolate!! I am a chocoholic and this is decidedly some of the best chocolate I have ever had! The creamy sweetness of the chocolate plays perfectly with the light sea salt, and I am not someone who likes to combine her salty and sweet! Thank you influenster for introducing me to this one!!

Next we have got the gillette products, a venus handle with blade and an Olay refill!
So I already buy Venus razors so this was a great product to have in my box, since they’re so expensive! I love the close shave I get with the 5 blades.
The Olay refill was awesome! I popped that baby on my razor as soon as I could! It was such a luxurious close shave! I don’t think I’ll go back to regular razors now.

The Pilot FriXion pens were awesome! Now let me just say that I use pens ALL the time as I am a waitress, so they’re necessary! and I love these pens. I big seller for me is how smooth they write, while the ink is still so dark. And they erase! What is better than that?!

Not the Forever Red fragrance just wasnt for me, howver I did give it to a good friend of mine who LOVES it. I’m more of a floral type of girl, so the sweet scents are not my favorite.



I’ll let you know what I think if I get another box!! 



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And So We Begin…

July 26, 2011

And as is with all good things, they must come to a close. Yesterday Tommy announced that he had been let go from TSO. This was not said with anger, merely excitement, as now he could truly begin to pursue this project with the men he calls his friends. The guys begin this exciting new endeavor for real now, as the cast and core members are now announced.

Also involved in the project as our guitar player/ bass player is David Silva.

Our drummer is a local musician, an amazing drummer, and wonderful man named Tommy Wynder. He is that funky beat in the music.

The boys, after the response they received yesterday, are more excited than ever for this project! Working hard to spread their name, they’ve truly begun the process of becoming a band.

It has been so neat to watch them grow together, change, and experience every bump along the way. One thing is now apparent though.

There is no stopping them.

The smiles on the faces as they read the response to the official announcement of the Kings of Christmas was wonderful, the happiest and most hopeful I’ve seen them yet. It has reignited their passion for the project, not that it ever left, it’s just now multiplied.

This project is for their fans. They love you all so much that they are determined to succeed, if only to bring Christmas back to the family.

So as they make this turn in the road you will begin to see so much more happening! Song clips posted, official websites, tour dates, album release dates, and everything in between! The boys are determined to have the fans firmly involved in their project, because they know that you are the reason they exist, and they love you all!

Keep an eye out here or at the Kings the Christmas facebook page. Soon there will be song clips up for you all to hear of the music, besides the serge site.

And so it begins!

And so back into the studio we go with an update coming soon!

Until next time dovelies….


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The Cast Revealed!!!!

July 25, 2011


So the official announcement is out and I am now permitted to list the members of The Kings of Christmas!


Vocalists featuring:

Guy LeMonnier


Tommy Farese

Anthony Gaynor


Keep your eyes peeled, As I will now be able to frequently update this blog on our progress, site postings, song clips and tour dates.

Watch out for the Kings of Christmas album and Tour!


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Take a Journey With Me

July 6, 2011

There is only one way to describe what has been happening these past few months.


It has been simply wonderful to watch the journey the boys have been taking. The music has come full circle, with so many songs, so many flavors, so many ideas that our boys have been working constantly, only taking a break for fourth of july weekend. They have reunited to finish this album very soon, the constant company that is these men almost a comfort to me now.

More so than ever I can see the growth between these men, and how close they have all become to each other.

There is only one word that aptly describes what this group has become.

A Family.

The Kings of Christmas have become true kings, and are working on bettering Christmas for the world with their music. So many heartfelt personal songs have come out these past few months of my hiatus, that it is simply wonderful.

I have been working almost constantly, holding three jobs to support what is needed and then recording and working with these men each night. Not that I make an excuse, merely an explanation.

But I am back.

It is one of the most rewarding periods of my life.

Controversy has come, threats and endings involving the machine that is Trans-Siberian Orchestra, but an ending does not come without a beginning.

And so the journey begins into finishing a vast beautiful piece of artwork that Is the heart and soul of our boys. The hours that will be spent in the studio these next few weeks will be exhausting, astounding, and eventually completely rewarding.

Stay tuned, my friends, for updates, blogs and maybe sneak peeks into the world that is The Kings of Christmas.

It is time for them to take the stage.

Until next time dovelies…


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In The Hours Between

May 9, 2011

Well no one can say the gang isn’t always working towards this project. Our X Man has consistently been writing for the last week on a song on the guitar (Gasp!). He is not a guitar player, so he says ;), but he plays a mean guitar. He has been working on an upbeat song similar in style to “Faith” and it’s always interesting to watch this process.

First the guys congregate in the upstairs living room, in which there are many cushy beige couches and various other sitting utensils. They then all grab a guitar and will sit there and bounce ideas off of one another. Someday I will be able to release the video I have of them doing this, but not yet!! And as they write they crack jokes, and all of this is recorded. Our poor Head hurt his finger last week and had to play the guitar backwards because the pad of his pointer finger had a large chunk missing. He was helping me with a load out for a show and his finger got squished by a roadcase. Anything for the cause, again.

Meanwhile, in the studio, we have been working on grunt work such as separating drums on tracks and isolating. Working on sounds and also trying new recording processes. Also the new drums we’ve been working with proved to be a pain in the unmentionables, since we have no cable for it.

Hood has been noticeably absent since he began his job again. His hours are exactly opposite of the hours we operate on. His presence is missed and his straight man part to X Man and Head’s funny men act is severely missed.

However, that does not stop the Wal Mart excursions….

And so last night, on a fluke, we all met up at wal Mart. We needed crunchy food, and went pork rind shopping. (Remember No carbs no sugar for the diets!) and Hood happened to be at Wal Mart also.

Various Waffles ensued.

And so at one point Head needed to go get scissors (which he never returned with…way to be Head) and Hood went off somewhere else. Yoda, X Man and I ventured to the meat section.

As we were approaching the line to exit the store I realized that we didn’t have Head, who drove. So I turned to X Man and asked “Where is Head?” To which X Man turned around and released a large and resounding “WAFFLE!!!”

And from across the store, over near the home section, came a “BUTTER!! Butter!!” reply from Head. And from near the meat section came another reply of  “Waffle!!! Waffle!!!!”

The call was all over the store!!

And as we turned towards the source of the Butters, a large hulking man came lanking down the main aisle. X Man released another “Waffle!” so that Head may locate us, and Hood turned the corner and found us. Both replied with a “Butter!” and the gang was reunited.

Oh Wal Mart Adventures. How long do you think until they’re kicked out??

I have bets going…

Anyway our project progresses and so do the boys…

Until the next time dovelies….


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If I Put My Arms Together and Squeeze….

May 3, 2011

Well unfortunately I can’t say much is going on right now. The gang has gone their separate ways for the week. Hood has begun his job, and works stranger hours than I, and I have been working continuously for the last week. It’s all sacrifices in the name of the cause, but still.

On the bright side last weeks the boys wrote about four new songs, with the return of Head came the return of upbeat songs. (If only because he won’t allow anymore ballads. Everyone fears his dinnerplate sized hands. J)

The songs are lighthearted editions to the album, pulling away from some of the heavier songs. I think they will be a nice interlude and potentially popular songs. The songs, in the style of the boys, are heavily vocal songs with a jazz pop feel. It’s a nice change from the Christmas music we are all used to hearing.

X Man has been on a role with his guitar playing (“WHAT? He can play?” You all say. Yes, I know I did the same thing.) He has composed and written three songs so far, and his latest one is an upbeat song with the flavor of “Faith” that I thoroughly like and they’re working on lyrics for that.

Now that the infamous Head has return the waffling has begun again.

As we were sitting on the couch upon his return, talking, he randomly blurted out that “If I put my arms in front of me and squeeze my rib cage together, I can get a higher note!”

To which we all just looked at him.

Head proceeded to then put both of his arms in front of his chest, and squeezed them together and out of his mouth came a very high and loud “WAFFLE!!!” which stunned us all into laughter. The look on his face of intense concentration as he did it was even funnier.

After the boys were done laughing hysterically, in the fashion of boys, they all put their arms in front of their chests, squeezed and emitted various waffles and other sounds, such as “butters” and “turkeys!”. They all bounced as they did it, making them look like those little sock em creatures you hit with the puffs in the arcade to get points.

The sight of the guys sitting around like this was absolutely hysterical.

I was in tears.

I have got a particularly hysterical video of the guys sitting around jamming, and Head holding up his injured finger like the child he is inside, despite his giant stature.

The project is progressing really nicely, and our drummer Tiny came into the studio Sunday to record on some of the new songs, and unfortunately ended up setting up digital drums most of the time. However, all things for the cause! So I’m hoping he will be joining us again soon.

I’m hoping that in the next few days we will be in the studio again playing with a new toy that we received, which I will not tell you all about until next time.

Until then Dovelies….


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Wait Till You Get a Load of Us

April 26, 2011

Here is an interview from our very own Hood on this project. It’s personal, so I didn’t want to cut anything out. It’s a bit longer than my usual posts, but I think it will really open all of your eyes to this project.

Why put this project together?

After meeting so many wonderful people we wouldn’t have ever met through TSO, band members, after living with each other and depending on each other, we got to really look at each other as true family. Some of us, like the group of us involved in this project, we never took the word family lightly. If we called someone family, it wasn’t a cosmetic name, or anything to perpetrate an image, it was how we truly felt about each other. And we knew that as great as it was to be a part of someone else’s initial vision but, just like with any other project, we knew one day there is a chance of it coming to an end.

I had a friend early on that I moved to LA with to pursue acting. He said to me “We are not fair-weather friends. There’s no such thing when it’s a friend or family member, you all grow together if you’re in each other’s life.” So we felt that same way about our relationship with TSO. We were a group of people who genuinely enjoyed spending time performing and being together that we wondered why it only could be under the guise of performing with TSO. We spent all of our time together, went on outings. We were a genuine Family. We made a lot of fans and extended family with the fans because they saw how we truly had so much fun with each other. The fans saw that and loved us for that and it also broke down the barrier between performer and real person. They saw that it may be just a job, but it’s what we love to do.

This isn’t just something that happened over night. This is something that we talked about for years. This was our ultimate dream to do. But the drawback was people living in different locations, time, families, and other projects. I personally had, well, I dreamt this particular project happening. I didn’t know when it would happen, how or where, but I knew it would happen. I prayed every day for this project.  And I made sure it was my business, year after year, month after month, to stay in contact with everyone so that this could happen.

 Long term goal in your perspective?

My long term goal is that we will succeed in moving forward from one idea to another creating an ultimate vision, together, as a unit. I want us to be, sort of, ambassadors for people out there who don’t think there’s much hope left in the world. We want to successfully breathe a new breed of entertainment into our current fans, and we want to cross over and reach a much wider audience such as the urban audience, the Black Americans, Hispanics, and a younger audience. We’d like to inspire a younger generation. And that 20 to 30 years from now, I would like to see us have a long catalogue of respected works that we’ve created. A body of work that will last the test of time. I don’t want anyone to say that we came and went, I want us to live in the lives of this generation and the next forever. I want people to say we did it on our own, that we did it our way. I want to sit on a porch somewhere 30 years from now talking this and about how great of a life this was, we can’t wait for the next one.

 Your personal opinion on the music and its meaning?

I think that in this music there is something for people of every genre, every age, and every class of life. I think that this is a really deep look into the hearts of four genuine, average, fun loving guys from completely different walks of life who found something to love in each other and wanted to show people who we really are. Somehow, somewhere, people have lost the meaning of Christmas and this music is to bring our meaning of Christmas to the tradition. A special time that brought all of us, four completely different men, together as family in life.

Any hints or tid bits?

For those people who have seen us live, live on stage, or who have seen us in our fun and happy go lucky selves off stage, wait till you see us with no one handcuffing us. Performing on our terms. It’s going to be like the rat pack in their hay day, a group of guys who got on stage and just had fun. That’s who we are. We are the modern day rat pack.

On a personal note, everyone is entitled to their own opinion to what we are doing. I just want to say that I truly love and appreciate the experiences and the opportunities that came along with TSO and that just like any other child raised by its parents, you get to a certain age you go and make your own way into the world. As for those people who have something negative to say, who don’t know the whole story of where we come from, that they may not particularly like the idea of our own project aside from TSO but I’m hoping that they respect us for having the courage and the ambition to proceed on this path that we’re moving on. I love you all for whatever opinion you have.

Just wait till you get a load of us…..

And so dovelies, this is where I leave you until next time…..


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